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by Connor Carney
Circular Logic: Not Quite "Proud"

The Democratic Party sent something interesting to my house today—a “Proud to be a Democrat” bumper sticker. There’s just one thing: I’m not.

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by Michael Rien
Speak of the Devil: Faith in Park

When I was a teenager in Springfield, I had a friend who would say anything to convince me to buy a car. “If you had a car,” he said, “you could get all the way to St. Louis in under two hours.”

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by Bill
Soap Box: More on the FairTax

[Editor’s Note: I received this by email, and am posting it here with the author’s permission]

I just came across your blog on the Progressive Democrats’ Sales Tax. One of our supporters found it and posted it to one of our state yahoo group boards so you may in fact receive other responses from supporters. You did a very good job of describing the bill. Now let me confess up front that I am an avid supporter of the FairTax that has been involved in the movement since the mid 1990s.

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by Connor Carney
The Few: The Few: Complete Manuscript

Click here to download the entire story of “The Few” in PDF format.

Click here if you would prefer to order the printed version.

by Kristy Valori
Forever Ending: Forever Ending: Today, Tomorrow, Whatever
This is the first story in a series called "Forever Ending", in which the world is periodically destroyed.
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